Rock Climbing

The Front Range of Colorado is one of the world's top climbing destinations and ClimbingLife Guides has been active in this area for the last 15 years while training climbers of all ages and abilities. 

Join us for a private training day, a group clinic, or a week-long seminar in the climbing arts.  We are the local experts and can assist you in developing your techniques and risk management abilities in some of the top climbing venues available on both granite and sandstone escarpments.

Our AMGA trained and certified Rock Guides are among the best in the country and we are active in guide education, route development, and anchor replacement as advocates of safer climbing and professional training services.




Rock Intensive Week

Immersion with a Professional Coach is the Quickest Way to Progress

Read more: Rock Intensive Week

Trad Leading Seminar

Traditional Climbing is the Freedom of the Technical Hills

Read more: Trad Leading Seminar

Rock Rescue 1 & 2

Critical Skills to Get You Out of Trouble in the Vertical

Read more: Rock Rescue 1 & 2

Multi-Pitch Leading Skills

 Learn How to Manage Multi-Pitch like a Guide

Read more: Multi-Pitch Leading Skills

Private Rock Coaching

Increase Your Rock Movement, Technical, and Risk Management Skills

Read more: Private Rock Coaching

Crack Climbing Clinic

 Master this Elusive Technique and these Fisures will be Your Friend


Read more: Crack Climbing Clinic

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Avalanche, Skiing, and Climbing Conditions

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