Rock Rescue 1 & 2

Critical Skills to Get You Out of Trouble in the Vertical

Self Rescue - 1 Day Modules
2015 Schedule


June 6 Level 1

June 7 Level 2

July 11 Level 1

July 12 Level 2

August 8 Level 1

August 9 Level 2

September 5 Level 1

September 6 Level 2

Price:  $135/day or $255 for both days

Learn and practice the key techniques that could save your partner's life and gain confidence to venture higher into the vertical realm, knowing that you can deal with a difficult situation.

Knowledge of basic knots and hitches, belaying, rappelling, and some trad or sport climbing experience are necessary.


Skills Practiced in the Level 1 Rock Self-Rescue Clinic

 Hazard Evaluation

Equipment for Rescue

Trad Anchoring and Belaying

Belay Escape Techniques

Rescuing the Leader

Rope Ascending Methods

Rescue Rappelling Techniques

Lowering off an Anchor

Raising Techniques (3-1, 5-1)

Improvised Rappel Anchors

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Learn the techniques to make you a more competent partner when it really matters.
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Skills Practiced in the Level 2 Rescue Course


Advanced Hazard Evaluation

Equipment Improvisation for Rescue

AMGA Rescue Drill Techniques Including:

Belay Escape


Counter-balance Rappel

Tandem Rappel

Releasable systems

Improvised Rappel Anchors
All ClimbingLife Guides rock seminars and clinics are taught by Eli Helmuth, an AMGA Certified Rock Guide since 1991 who has been teaching vertical rock rescue for 20 years.
Eli has participated in numerous professional rescues in RMNP and in Patagonia during his 30 years of climbing.

Rock Rescue Clinics typically take place in Boulder Canyon, Colorado and can be scheduled privately at a number of sites including gyms.

Rescue Clinics can be scheduled privately on any available dates, year-round.  Private rates apply, group rates negotiable.


Phone us with questions or to book your next rock climbing day:


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ClimbingLife Guides is an authorized permittee of Eldorado Canyon State Park and the Boulder Mountain Open Space.


Instructional videos on self-rescue are available on our website:

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